1. Objective

The objective of this procedure is to ensure the safe use of live blades by club members during target (wara) test cutting (Tameshigiri) and Iaido.

2. Scope

The policy applies to the use of all live blades including swords, katana, tachi, short swords, wakisashi, knives and tanto, by members of the WA School of Japanese Swordsmanship in the Dojo or during any public demonstration of the schools techniques.

3. Specific requirements

3.1 Planning

3.2 Cutting and Iaido

3.2.1 In the Training Hall

All tameshigiri will be approached with the view that safety is the number one priority.

3.2.2 In Public

In addition to the above, the following will be observed.

3.3 Completion of Tameshigiri

On completion of tameshigiri the live blades will be checked, cleaned and rendered safe as the number one priority.

4. General

All students and instructors have a duty of care responsibility to follow these instructions and maintain a safe test cutting and Iaido environment for themselves, fellow students, visitors and the public.

5. Safety Analysis

The above procedures were designed to control the following hazards.

It is not safe to assume that because you are trained in tameshigiri or Iaido that people, material or equipment around you are safe without first investigating the circumstances and taking action to ensure that it is, in fact, safe.

6. Procedure for breech of policy

In general, if the Chief Instructor personally observes or is told of a breech of safety that, in his judgement (that is was a malicious or intentional act) endangers the safety of the student or other people during tameshigiri and Iaido (or any other activity within the school), a student will be asked to leave the school immediately and asked not to return.

The following applies to non malicious safety breeches and apply to a continuation of a similiar safety breech;

6.1 First Offence

Student will be counselled and retrained prior to returning to the activity.

6.2 Second Offence

Student will be reprimanded, counselled, and may be suspended from training then retrained, observed by the Chief Instructor as having learned the correct procedure, prior to returning to the activity.

6.3 Third Offence

Student will be asked to leave the school never to return.