Japanese Sword

Armaments in the Collection of Osaka Castle Museum
Art of Armour:   A & G Barbier-Mueller Collection

The Art of the Japanse Sword:     Leon and Hiroko Kapp, Yoshindo Yoshihara

Connoisseurs Book of Japanese Swords:    Kohan Nagayama

Encylopedia of Japanese Swords (In Japanese)

Encyclopaedia of Japanese Swords:     Markus Sesko 

Family Crests of Japan

Genealogies & Schools of Japanese Swordsmiths:       Marcus Sesko

Identifying Japanese Cursive Script:     Marcus Sesko

Identifying Japanese Seal Script:     Marcus Sesko

Japanese Military Swords:  R Gregory
Japanese Sword Blades:  Alfred Dobree
Japanese Armour (In Japanese)
Japanese Swords:  Nobuo Ogasawara
Japanese Swords in the WA Museum:  George Trotter
Laminating Techniques in Japanese Swords:  W. M. Hawley
Military Swords of Japan:  Fuller & Gregory
Japanese Master Swordsmiths: The Gassan Tradition:  Morihiro Ogawa
Japanese Swords:  Colin M Roach
Japanese Swords in the British Museum:  Victor Harris
Japanese Sword Blades:     Alfred Dobree

Japanese Sword Terms:  W. M. Hawley

Japanese Spears:     Roald & Patricia Knutsen
Kantei Reference Book ( Hamon & Boshi):     Marcus Sesko

Kantei Supplement 1:     Maruc Sesko

Katana: The Samurai Sword:  Stephen Turnbull

Lethal Elegance, The Art of Samurai Sword Fitting: Joe Earle

Modern Japanese Swords and Swordship:    Leon and Hiroko Kapp
Nihonto-Shinto-Shi:     Marcus Sesko

Samurai: Arms, Armour and Costumes:  Mitsuo Kure
Samurai The weapons and Spirit of the Japanese Warrior:  Clive SinclairShinto & Shinshinto-kantei Zenshin:   Markus Sesko

Shinto and ShinShinto Kantei:     Markus Sasko

Sword Testing:     Markus Sesko

Tameshigir: The History & Development of Japanese 
The Arts of the Japanese Sword:  B W Robinson

The Art of Tsukamaki:     Thomas Buck

The Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords:   Kokan Nagayama

The Craft of the Japanese Sword:  Kapp, Kapp & Yoshihara
The Japanese Sword:  Kanzan Sato
The Oshigata Book:  Fuller & Gregory
The Samurai Sword:  John Yumoto
The Sword of Japan:  J. W. Bott

Tsuba: Japanese Sword Guards (In Japanese)