General Sword

Arms and Armour:  Michele Byam
Arms and Armour: Frederick Wilkinson
Art & Science of Fencing: Nick Evangelista
Arte of Defence: William Wilson
Art of Dueling: Tommaso Leoni
By the Sword: Richard Cohen
Fencing: Allan Skipp
Fencing: A renaissance Treatise: Camillo Agrippa
History of Chivalry: Kottenkamp
His True Art of Defence: DiGrassi
His Practise: Vincentio Saviolo
Historic Swordsmanship: Brian R Price
Knighly Arts of Combat: David Lindholm & Peter Svard

Knives and Swords: A Visual History:   DK Publications
Masterpieces of European Arms and Armour - Wallace Collection:   Tobias Capwell

Masters of Medieval and Renaissance Martial Arts: John Clements
Medieval Combat:  Hans Talhoffer
Medieval Sword Fighting: John Clements
Paradoxes of Defence: George Silver
Renaissance Sword Fighting: John Clements
Schools and Masters of Fencing: Egerton Castle
Swords and Hilt Weapons: Various authors
The Book of the Sword: Richard Burton
The Deadliest Men: Paul Kirchner
The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe: Sydney Anglo
The Medieval Art of Swordsmanship: Jeffrey L Forgeng
The Modern Swordsman:Fred Hutchinson

The Noble Art of the Sword:   Tobias Capwell
 The Science of Fencing: William M. Gaugler
The Secret History of the Sword: J. Christoph Amberger
The Sentiment of the Sword: Sir Richard Burton
The Sword and the Centuries: Alfred Hutton
Viking Weapons and Combat Techniques: William R Short
Warrior Cults: Paul Elliot
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