Military History

Battle:  R G Grant

Battle Castles:   Dan Snow

Castles, Their Construction and History:   Sidney Toy 

Celtic Warriors:  Tim Newark
English Medieval Knight 1200 - 1300:  Christopher Gravett
English Medieval Knight 1300 - 1400:  Christopher Gravett
English Medieval Knight 1400 - 1500:  Christopher Gravett
English Castles 1200 - 1300:  Christopher Gravell
Hastings:  Peter Poyntz Wright
Icelanders in the Viking Age:  William R Short
Knights:  Andrea Hopkins
Knights:  Michael Prestwich

Knights vs Samurai:     Dover Picture

Knights and the Golden Age of Chivalry

Medieval Fortress:   J E & HW Kaufmann

Medieval Warfare Source Book:  David Nicolle
Scottish Baronial Castles 1250 - 1450:  Michael Brown

Secrets of the Knights Templar: S J Hodge
 Swords and Swordsman:   Mike Loades

The Art of Renaissance Warfare:  Stephen Turnbull
The Book of the Medieval Knight:  Stephen Turnbull
The Crusaders Warriors of God
The English Castle:  John Goodall
The First Crusade:  Thomas Asbridge
The Illustrated Book of Heraldry
The Mongol Warlords:  David Nicolle
The Templars:  Michael Haag
The Templars:  Piers Paul Read

Vikings:     Martin J Dougherty
Warfare in the Ancient World:  General Sir John Hackett
Warriors of Christendom:  J Matthews & B Stewart